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What is Foam Prototyping/Packaging Design?

Prototyping and packaging design allows us to create bespoke packaging solutions fit for a variety of purposes. Here at GB Foam, we work with a multitude of different foam types and are able to convert it for extensively specific requirements. Nowadays, almost every manmade object requires packaging in some form or another before it reaches the consumer. With such varying degrees of products in regards to shape, size and other specifics, it can be difficult to source the correct foam packaging. This is no longer a problem however. Thanks to our prototyping/packaging design service, we are able to create foam packaging solutions suitable for any purpose.

What Foam Prototyping/Packaging Design is Right for You?

The answer to this question has a few varying factors. It all really depends on the type of product you require foam packaging for as well as it’s dimensions. We’ve worked with numerous clients in the past in order to provide ideal foam prototyping/packaging design solutions for them.

On one day, a client might come to us needing foam housing for small and intrinsic machine parts. On another day, a client may approach us requiring foam packaging for large tech products. The spectrum for which customers require foam packaging is a considerably large one indeed. Thankfully, as a result of our highly advanced, fully equipped foam factory and 40 years of industry experience, we can provide the ideal foam solution.

Different Needs For Foam Prototyping/Packaging Design

If for example, your company has important tech products in its possession, then anti-static foam packaging would be your best choice. Certain types of foam can generate small electric charges as a result of friction, this is what we know to be static. Static can interfere with the working mechanisms of tech products and in some cases, break them. This is why it is essential to use anti-static foam when protecting tech products such as power tools and computers.

A company specialising in retail products for consumer purposes however may want to consider the way in which their foam packaging looks. Through our prototyping/packaging design service, we are able to create a highly specific type of foam packaging to suit your needs. We can even create first run prototypes in varying styles and colours so that you can see firsthand which you prefer.

If you require foam packaging in any way, shape or form, contact a member of our team, today! Here, we’ll be able to advise you on how our prototyping/packaging design service can benefit your specific needs.

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Who We’ve Worked With

We’ve worked with many influential companies over the years, all of whom have sought expert knowledge and high-quality foam products at affordable prices. We’re proud to say that these clients all found and received what they needed working with us. Take a look for yourself and see the brands that have benefited from our expertise. For a full list of our clients, make sure to visit our clients page.

Our Companies & Brands

GB Healthcare

GB Healthcare

Healthcare Mattresses

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An industry leader in high quality, medical grade foam. Specialising in innovative mattresses suitable for both home and hospital care.

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Gym Pit Foam

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GB Foam Direct

GB Foam Direct

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Lion Mattresses

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GB Foam Packaging

GB Foam Packaging

Foam Packaging Inserts

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We stock a wide variety of packaging foam suitable for most applications – our specialists can work with you to deliver the right packaging solution.

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