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Bar Seating Foam & Bench Seating Foam

GB Foam creates comfy, cut to size seating foam for commercial use in businesses such as restaurants, pubs, bars, coffee shops, clubs and more! If you need high quality seating foam for a new business, or you need to replace your old seating foam, we at GB Foam are here to help you. We offer superior seating foam design solutions which help to create a unique and stylish aesthetic for commercial business interiors. No matter your businesses style or theme, we can provide custom bar seating and bench seating foam to suit it.

Seating Foam For Coffee Shops

In the past, we’ve supplied superior seating foam to numerous coffee shops including the largely popular coffeehouse chain Starbucks. Coffee shops are a place for customers to sit back, relax, enjoy a bite to eat and of course, a coffee. To truly relax however, your customers should really be sitting on the best foam seating, available.

Here at GB Foam, we can provide seating foam for coffee shops in all shapes and sizes. If the amount of room is restricted in your coffee shop, that’s not a problem. Thanks to our wealth of foam industry experience and highly advanced seating foam fabrication techniques, we can provide you with the ideal solution. We can design space-saving coffee shop seating foam which seats numerous customers. This means that coffee shops won’t be missing out on potential custom and won’t lose revenue.

Bar Seating Foam

Bar Seating Foam For Pubs and Clubs

Bar Seating Foam Chair Foam

At GB Foam, we can also provide bar seating foam for bars, pubs and clubs. Generally, commercial businesses such as these require vast quantities of bar seating, in order to maintain comfortable conditions for large numbers of customers. If not properly researched, this can prove to be quite the costly expense. This doesn’t need to be the case however.

By purchasing bar seating foam for your club, pub or bar from GB Foam, you’ll save money. This is in comparison to purchasing bar seating from a third-party retailer that does not manufacture their foam products. We offer bar seating foam trade contracts for a variety of businesses, these trade contracts enable us to accurately create bespoke bar seating foam to specific numbers at a set price.

Seating Foam For Restaurants

Other commercial businesses that we supply seating foam for is restaurants. We work with a wide variety of foam types here at GB Foam and are able to create seating foam, using materials which adhere to your preferences. Many restaurants have benefited from the high-quality seating foam that we provide. One client of particular note, is the largely popular fast food chain Mcdonalds. We pride ourselves on the strong relationships we maintain with our clients. Extensive communication, means that we can ensure that the seating foam you purchase from us meets all expectations precisely.

Restaurant Seating Booth Foam

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For further information regarding our seating foam for restaurants, our bar seating foam or more, contact a member of our sales team today. We will happily discuss anything with you related to our services including purchasing options, design options, trade prices and more.

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We’ve worked with many influential companies over the years, all of whom have sought expert knowledge and high-quality foam products at affordable prices. We’re proud to say that these clients all found and received what they needed working with us. Take a look for yourself and see the brands that have benefited from our expertise. For a full list of our clients, make sure to visit our clients page.

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GB Healthcare

GB Healthcare

Healthcare Mattresses

About GB Healthcare

An industry leader in high quality, medical grade foam. Specialising in innovative mattresses suitable for both home and hospital care.

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Soundfix Acoustic Foam

Acoustic & Soundproofing Foam

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The acoustic foam specialists! Your one-stop shop for all acoustic foam needs, ranging from off the shelf acoustic tiles to bespoke installations.

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Gym Pit Foam

Foam Pits For Sport

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The leading supplier of foam for Gym Pits and Trampoline Parks across the UK and Europe. Try our free online foam calculator today!

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GB Foam Direct

GB Foam Direct

Foam Cut To Size

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The fastest service in the UK for new or replacement foam – get an instant quote online (trade prices), with next working day delivery.

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Lion Mattresses

Lion Mattresses

Mattress Production

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A wide range of luxury memory foam mattresses at affordable prices. Cut out the “middleman” by buying directly from us and benefit from next day delivery.

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GB Foam Packaging

GB Foam Packaging

Foam Packaging Inserts

About GB Foam Packaging

We stock a wide variety of packaging foam suitable for most applications – our specialists can work with you to deliver the right packaging solution.

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