Reticulated Foam Seats For Boats & Yachts

What is Reticulated Foam?

Reticulated Foam, is a unique, quick drying foam type which allows fluid to pass freely through it. This quick drying foam, inherits its ability as a direct result of its open cellular structure. Reticulated foam is made to be extremely open, it is a low density, lightweight, solid and very porous foam type. The word reticulated means “net like” and this is precisely how reticulated foam is in appearance. It is made up entirely of a mesh-like formation. This mesh-like formation is what gives reticulated foam it’s lightweight properties and makes it an excellent form of quick drying foam.

The Science and Production of Reticulated Foam

Foam Reticulated Science

A full, mathematically composed description which details the structure of reticulated foam is still open to debate. At present, the closest structure which relates to the composition of reticulated foam is in fact soap film.

It is Robert A. Volz who is credited to discovering the first process needed in creating what we now know to be reticulated foam. The production of this quick drying foam follows a certain unique procedure. This involves taking a conventional, closed cell foam and removing its cell windows. By doing so, all that is left of the foam is its cellular mesh, the same mesh found in reticulated foam.

What Can Reticulated Foam Be Used For?

By creating a unique low-density foam with a mesh-like structure, fluid is enabled to pass freely through it. This feature, unique to reticulated foam, enables it to be extremely quick drying. The fact that fluid passes through reticulated foam’s unique cellular structure, means that it does not absorb water to the same level as a standard foam would. As such, this makes reticulated foam ideal for use near water. This is especially the case in uses such as yacht seating or poolside furniture.

In situations such as these, water is much more likely to absorb into these typically, foam cushions. When foam becomes regularly sodden, it breaks down at an accelerated rate. It is also much more prone to developing mould or mildew on its surface. This however, is not the case with reticulated foam. This quick drying foam does not retain water for long, and as such eliminates the potential for these situations to occur.

By purchasing reticulated foam for your boat, yacht, outdoor furniture and poolside furniture, you’ll save yourself both time and money. You’ll save money due to the fact that the need for regular replacement foam cushions won’t occur. You’ll also be saving time due to the fact that you won’t need to consistently move your outdoor foam cushions under cover when it rains.

Reticulated Foam Wedge

Why Choose GB 40100 Reticulated Foam For Your Boat

Marine Reticulated Foam Wedge Foam
  • The GB 40100 provides an innovative range of cushion foams for relaxation and comfort for use in any marine specialist cushioning application.
  • Entirely open cell structure allows fast drying and maximum air circulation.
  • Large pores permit rapid water draining – sheds water like a sieve.
  • Can easily be cut, shaped and fabricated like a standard polyurethane foam.
  • Very good hydrolysis stability, high resistance to water (sea and pool), sweat and chemicals.
  • Anti-Microbial treated, with broad spectrum kill and residual control against bacteria, fungi, mould, and mildew.
  • Unique formulation giving long durability, high stability and excellent support.
  • Excellent elasticity that provides the seating comfort of foam.
  • Has been certified in compliance with the latest ISO 9001 standards.
  • Is free of CFC and halogen.
  • Exclusively available from GB Foam, for marine application.

Additional Reticulated Foam Specifications

  • GB 40100 sheds water like a sieve, yet provides the seating comfort of foam.
  • The Large completely open pores (reticulation) permit rapid draining and maximum air circulation for fast drying.
  • Unique proprietary formulation enhances strength and durability for long term exposure to sun and inclement weather.
  • Resistant to most chemicals including cleaning agents, solvents, alkalies and acids (bleach may cause rapid discolouration).
  • Compound shapes for unusual cushion designs may be easily fabricated. The material can be shaped liked conventional polyurethane foam.
  • Resilient, “springy” characteristics enhance comfort; cushions can be wrapped in light non-woven fibre padding for extra comfort.
Reticulated Foam Diagram

Purchasing Reticulated Foam From GB Foam Direct

GB Foam

If you wish to purchase reticulated foam for your boat or for outdoor seating, call a member of our expert team. At GB Foam , we specialise in foam cut to size. and can cut reticulated foam to any desired shape or size, depending on your preferences. We can offer manufacturers in the marine sector large quantities of reticulated foam cut to size for use in boat and yacht building. For further information regarding reticulated foam and it’s uses or to discuss our services in greater detail, contact us today.

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