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GB Foam Healthcare has been providing specialist foam products to the healthcare sector for over 40 years. Stocking high quality and exceptionally affordable medical grade mattresses, many people have benefited from our superior product range. Throughout our established years, we’ve worked closely with numerous healthcare representatives in order to fully refine our services. We now offer a range of services which we believe fully suit our clientele’s requirements. If you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for however, contact us directly and we’ll strive to provide you with the foam related service you need.

Nautilus Contract Mattress Production

Healthcare Nautilus Water Resistant Mattresses

Our range of Nautilus mattresses are ideal for patients in need of support and who are at risk of incontinence. The top cover on all of our Nautilus mattresses, act as a waterproof mattress protector. This means that any fluid which comes into contact with the Nautilus range of mattresses will be instantly repelled.

Preventing fluid ingress into mattresses is essential, especially throughout patient care. Not only do soiled mattresses break down at a much faster rate, they also greatly increase the risk of disease and infection. Thanks to the waterproof mattress protectors however, our Nautilus mattress range can be easily wiped clean and laundered, thus preventing these risks.

Nautilus Contract Fabric is a revolutionary water resistant and breathable fabric which is popular in many commercial and contract situations. These include University and student accommodation, nursing homes and care homes, hotels and holiday camps and even for the MOD.

The water-resistant material within this fabric is located just underneath the cover, as such the bed occupant does not sleep directly on it. This helps to provide a breathable sleeping surface which promotes restful sleep, whilst still maintaining its heavy-duty waterproof properties.

Our exceptional range of Nautilus mattresses are suitable for both home care and use in hospitals. GB Foam Healthcare has provided clients with high quality, medically suitable mattresses for many years. We work closely with our clients in order to ensure that they receive the order they require at the best price. For orders made in multiple quantities, be sure to contact us in order to arrange a contract for Nautilus mattress production at a discounted rate.

Pressure Relief Contract Mattress Production

Pressure relief mattress are essential for patients exposed to extended periods of bed rest. Due to applied pressure and generated friction, bedridden patients are at higher risk of developing pressure ulcers, otherwise known as bed sores. Bed sores are an extremely problematic symptom of extended bed rest and are common throughout hospitals and care homes worldwide. If left untreated, bed sores can lead to much more serious and in some cases, fatal effects.

It’s always best to prevent bed sores from ever occurring in the first instance. Pressure relief mattresses are capable of doing this. This is because pressure relief mattresses evenly distribute applied pressure across the mattress’s surface. As such, this helps to promote a healthy blood flow and in turn prevent pressure ulcer occurrence.

If you wish to purchase high-quality, pressure relief mattresses at an affordable price from us here at GB Foam Healthcare, simply contact us. We provide contracts for pressure relief mattress production to both care homes and hospitals alike. We work closely with our clients and offer largely reduced rates for purchases made in larger quantities.

Healthcare Pressure Relief Mattresses

NHS Grade Waterproof Mattress Production

Healthcare Waterproof Hospital Mattresses

Our entire range of NHS Grade Waterproof Mattresses adhere to strict medical guidelines, making them perfect for use in hospital beds, care homes and nursing homes. For those that are at a moderate to high risk of developing pressure ulcers due to incapacitated mobility, our NHS Grade Waterproof Mattresses are ideal. Pressure on an occupant’s body is vastly relieved due to the innovative mattress foam design. Our NHS Grade Waterproof Mattresses possess a two-way castellated cut and tear drop air pocket which effectively helps to redistribute applied pressure.

All of these pressure relief benefits apply throughout our entire NHS Grade Mattress range. Another extremely beneficial property of these mattresses however, are their water resistive abilities. As a result of numerous health factors (sometimes linked to reduced mobility), mattress soiling can occur. Our NHS Grade Waterproof Mattresses however prevent fluid from seeping into the mattress foam. This makes them much easier to clean and quickly and makes them easier to launder.

If you’re considering purchasing NHS Grade Waterproof Mattresses for a hospital, care home or nursing home, contact us today. At GB Foam Healthcare, we’re able to offer specialised contracts for those working within the healthcare business. Your hospital, care home or nursing home can benefit greatly from our reduced rates when you purchase NHS Grade Waterproof Mattresses from us in bulk.

Wheelchair Seat Cushions

GB Foam Healthcare even offers a compressive range of wheelchair seat cushions, which provide support and comfort for the physically disabled. Thanks to our highly advanced foam cutting equipment, we provide precisely cut wheelchair seat cushions which can suit all varieties of wheelchairs. Our wheel chair seating range are designed specifically to reduce pressure on an individual’s body, whilst providing the ideal level of required support.

Our wheelchair seat cushions are crafted from memory foam, which helps to enhance the overall sitting experience for individuals. Memory foam effectively moulds to any unique shape when pressure is applied. As such, memory foam used in wheelchair seating helps to provide the optimal level of comfort for users.

If you wish to enquire about our range of Wheelchair Seat Cushions, please feel free to contact us. Our team of foam healthcare experts can provide you with knowledge support and expert advice, no matter your query

Medical Pressure Relief Wheel Chair Seat Cushion

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