A question we hear quite often is – What is the difference between closed cell foam and open cell foam? On face value, these two different types of foam appear relatively similar. Upon closer inspection though, closed cell foam and open cell foam are very much different.

What is Closed Cell Foam?

As its name suggests, closed cell foam has a structure made up of closed cells. This means that each individual cell is enclosed by walls and does not interconnect with other cells. This type of foam is generally created by subjecting foam to certain gases, under high pressure, during the manufacturing process.

For example, Plastazote, a popular closed cell foam manufactured by Zotefoam, is blown with nitrogen. This helps to reinforce the foam, thus giving it the durable properties that it is well known for.

Closed cell foam has a wide variety of uses. It is a tough, flexible and water-resistant type of foam which is easy to work with. It can be cut and shaped to size with little effort making it perfect for many different applications. Closed cell foam can be used for costume/prop making, creating medical orthosis, as protective padding in sportswear and much more.

What is Open Cell Foam?

Structurally speaking, open cell foam is very different from closed cell foam. Polyurethane foam is an example of open cell foam. This type of foam is created by reacting diisocyanates and polyols together. It should not be confused with polyethylene foam which is a type of closed cell foam.

We often work with polyurethane foam here at GB Foam. It comes in a wide variety of grades, all with unique properties, suitable for many different applications. For example, if you have foam sofa cushions, this would almost certainly be a type of polyurethane foam.

We may not always see it, but many of us use this type of open cell foam every single day; whether that’s through sitting, sleeping or even diving into a foam pit.

People come to us seeking foam solutions and products. Many of this is achieved by using open cell polyurethane foam. Because open cell foam can be manipulated in certain manners to attain unique properties, we are able to create a whole array of exciting foam products.

Buy Closed Cell & Open Cell Foam

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