What is a Band Knife?

For more simple foam conversions, we use a band knife. Band knife cutting machines are a popular tool used in a variety of industrial factories. As well as foam cutting, a band knife can also be used for splitting leather, paper, carpets and rubber. A band knife cutting machine consists of a sharp vertical blade on top of a flatbed. Large foam blocks are placed onto the flatbed and cut into smaller more manageable sizes.

The band knife blade itself moves automatically, whilst a trained professional feeds the foam across the flat surface. The band knife blade is extremely sharp and cutting speeds can be adjusted depending on the task at hand. It is possible to achieve extremely clean-cut edges when using a band knife. This is due to how sharp the band knife blade is as well as its consistent automatic movement.

Band Knife For Foam Cutting Upholstery Foam Sheets

It’s also possible to use a band knife to create foam sheets. Foam sheets are often used by upholsterers to finish or reupholster furniture. We offer foam sheets in multiple sizes and thicknesses. We also stock many unique foam grades with everything from memory foam to reticulated foam.

As it is manually operated, a band knife can be used to create foam sheets in various sizes and thicknesses. As well as this, splitting and skiving machines are used to create foam sheets.

We’ve supplied high-quality foam to upholsterers since we began trading back in 1976. Although we now serve customers from many different industries, a large portion of our customer base are still upholsterers. If you would like to know more about the foam we stock, please contact us directly.

Order Foam Sheets Online

Many of the foam grades we stock can easily be purchased online through GB Foam Direct. We stock a variety of upholstery foam sheets on this website and even offer a next working day delivery service. Visit GB Foam Direct today to order your upholstery foam sheets. Also, if you are interested in opening a trade account, please contact us directly.

What is a Tilt Knife?

A tilt knife is a specialised piece of foam cutting equipment that allows us to cut foam blocks at specific angles. It is comprised of a flat top surface in which large blocks of foam can be placed on top of. Over the table is the tilt knife blade. This can be moved to varying angles depending on the foam cutting requirements.

As the name suggests, the tilt knife blade can be angled depending on which way the foam block needs to be cut. This machine is operated manually it is excellent for producing clean cut edges in a variety of angles. The tilt knife is used to cut foam into a wide variety of simple shapes.

What is the Tilt Knife Used For in Foam Cutting?

We use the tilt knife for cutting foam blocks. This allows us to create products such as foam cushions, mattresses and more. It also allows us to appropriately trim the edges off of foam blocks. When we receive an order to cut products such as cushions or mattresses to size, we may use the tilt knife.

This is also beneficial for certain foam products that require exact unqiue shaping. For example, a foam mattress that needs to fit in a confined space can be cut using the tilt knife. This will allow us to cut the foam to certain angles meaning it can fit in the desired space.

Discuss Foam Cutting With GB Foam

If you would like to discuss the foam cutting services we offer, please contact us directly. Our team of experts will be happy to advise you on the most suitable services to create the products you need. Call us today on 01494 441177 or email sales@gbfoam.com. If you would like to buy online, you can also buy foam cut to size at GB Foam Direct.

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