Roll Packing Memory Foam Mattresses Machine

Mattress Compression & Rolling – Why Do it?

In order to offer a practical and cost-effective method of distributing our mattresses, we’ve invested in mattress compression and rolling machinery.

Mattress compression and rolling allows us to package our memory foam mattresses in a compact manner. By feeding each mattress through a series of rollers, they become compressed and are rolled up into their smallest possible form.

Mattress compression and rolling allows us to conveniently store the mattresses we make. It also makes delivery of the mattresses much more simple. Some of the mattresses we produce are sold online and shipped directly to the customer’s home.

It’s better for the delivery driver and customer to handle a mattress that has been through a mattress compression and rolling machine. Rolled mattresses are simpler to move around. It’s easier for the driver to deliver it and easier for the customer to transport it to the desired location in their home.

How Does Mattress Compression and Rolling Work?

Mattress Compression and Rolling works by using a heavy compressor to force as much air as possible out of a mattress. The mattress can be made much thinner by doing this.

Once the mattress compression has finished, it is immediately fed through a series of rollers. Because the mattress is now much thinner (due to the lack of air), it’s much easier to roll.

The process is somewhat similar to the way in which a blow-up camping mattress is put away after use. Of course, our machinery is much more effective at removing air from the mattress and tightly rolling it. Because foam fills with air very quickly, it would be near enough impossible to manually compress and roll a mattress.

Our mattresses pass through a series of long metal rollers and are then automatically packaged into a plastic wrap. This plastic wrap is airtight and doesn’t allow air to travel back into the mattress until the seal is broken.

Mattress Compression and Rolling – Does it Cause Damage?

Polyurethane foam is a very resilient material. High-quality grades are designed to last and withstand compression over long periods of time. The compression and rolling process will not damage your mattress. This is simply a process of removing any present air from the foam to make it easier to package.

Once the plastic packaging surrounding the rolled mattress is broken, air will begin to return to it. A memory foam mattress usually takes around 3-6 hours to return to its full shape after compression. It’s best to leave the mattress for 24 hours to be entirely sure though. Surprisingly, the mattress can quadruple in size once it has fully expanded!

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