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Foam Inserts – Custom Made For You

We can create custom foam inserts to house and help protect any item of your choice. With a variety of unique foam grades to choose from, our experts can recommend the ideal type for your intended application.

Our foam inserts can be used throughout a variety of industries. For example, we can create foam inserts to house military-grade tech and weaponry for the armed forces.

Museums, galleries and auction houses also benefit from our custom foam inserts. They can be manufactured to present and protect a range of rare, important and valuable items.

Some medical equipment can also be housed within our foam inserts. This helps to properly organise and protect them from damage.

We can also manufacture foam inserts for items sold on the retail market. Not only does this help to protect them through transit, it also helps to give these items more of a premium appeal.

Whatever items you need to housing for, our custom foam inserts are ideal. Read on to learn more about this service or contact a member of our team today!

Hard Case & Flight Case Foam Inserts

Foam Case Insert

There are a number of different types of cases used to protect items of value. For example, flight cases (sometimes called road cases) are most commonly used to protect lighting, audiovisual and musical equipment. They are generally black and silver in colour and manufactured from plywood, aluminum and steel. Although flight cases offer excellent protection from exterior impact, it is advisable to secure your items by using flight case foam inserts.

We can manufacture flight case foam inserts to your specifications. Through the use of advanced foam cutting machinery and converting techniques, we can manufacture numerous flight case foam inserts which securely house your items. We can make flight case foam inserts which hold multiple items or create numerous flight case foam inserts for easy interchangeability.

GB Foam can create inserts for any case you own no matter the size or type. Our experts can recommend the best foam grades to use within your case and our team can work closely with you to determine your precise requirements. If you would like to know more about our flight case foam inserts, please contact a member of our team today.

What We Make Case Inserts For

We make case inserts for practically any purpose. Previous customers have come to use seeking inserts for medical equipment, lighting, antiquities, weapons, tools, machine components, promotional items and much more. The possibilities are nearly endless when it comes to foam inserts. Whatever you need to house and protect, we’ll endeavor to create the perfect foam insert for you. Contact us today to see how we can help you!

Rifle Gun Case Foam Insert Packaging

How We Make Foam Case Inserts

CNC Machine Foam Conversion

At GB Foam, we are able to cut foam case inserts to any size and specification. This is because our factory based in High Wycombe, England, is fully equipped with the latest foam cutting technology. We invest time and money into the research and procurement of the most advanced foam cutting machinery. By doing so, we are enabled to offer our clients the highest standard of service.

We can cut foam case inserts to your specificied size and shape. If time is of the essence, we’ll work to offer you a fast turnaround, without compromising on quality.

Certain techniques we use to produce our custom foam case inserts include die-cutting and pressing, CNC routing and water jet cutting. All of these techniques have been tried, tested and have proven to provide consistent, professional results.

CNC routing, for example, uses computer controlled technology to accurately cut foam case inserts as specified by a CAD file. For further information regarding our CNC Routing technology, or any of our foam cutting machinery, visit our machinery section.

If you would like to know more about the techniques we use to create case inserts, please feel free to contact us. A member of our team will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have.

Purchase Foam Case Inserts Today!

If you would like to purchase flight case foam or any other type of case inserts, contact us directly. Our team of foam experts will be able to offer you advice on the best options to suit your personal requirements.

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We’ve worked with many influential companies over the years, all of whom have sought expert knowledge and high-quality foam products at affordable prices. We’re proud to say that these clients all found and received what they needed working with us. Take a look for yourself and see the brands that have benefited from our expertise. For a full list of our clients, make sure to visit our clients page.

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