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Display Foam For Cases From GB Foam Packaging

Well-crafted and carefully selected display foam for cases, can really add value to a product. Products protected by a foam case, help to further support the appearance of quality. Items with their own, bespoke foam case appear to be of greater importance and as such of higher value. Using display foam for cases, well help to excel your product of choice to a new level of professionalism. Not only this, but it’s a great way of keeping products secure and safe. Generally, items housed in display foam for cases are of great importance, of higher value, sometimes fragile and in some cases dangerous if mishandled. Display foam for cases, helps to add a premium feel to your product, whilst helping to protect your item to exceptional levels.

Gun Case Foam From GB Foam Packaging

Rifle Gun Case Foam Insert Packaging

Purchasing a gun, isn’t an everyday activity for consumers. Customers invest in guns and purchase them to last. Generally speaking, guns are an expensive product and come with a high price tag. As a retailer of firearms, using gun case foam from GB Foam Packaging, is a great way to add to the product quality of your wares.

Here in the UK, the sale of handguns was prohibited in 1997, however people can still own and shoot rifles and shotguns providing they have a license to do so. Guns aren’t the sort of item to be carelessly left around anywhere. It’s important that guns have their own home when not in use, in order to ensure that they’re safe. GB Foam Packaging, provides gun case foam, cut to specific specifications in order to securely house guns. This helps to ensure that guns are left in the correct place when not in use and protected in the process. Our foam cases aren’t just limited to guns however. We can also produce foam cases for air rifles, bows, blades and any other form of weaponry.

Jewellery Box Inserts From GB Foam Packaging

We also produce foam for jewellery box inserts here at GB Foam Packaging. This is a great way for businesses in the trade of jewellery to add further value to their product. As much as the actual aesthetic of jewellery is important, the way in which jewellery is presented also has a great deal of importance. Customers searching to buy jewellery, are generally looking for a unique product, which will go on to hold significant importance to themselves or others in the future. Using jewellery box inserts from GB Foam Packaging is an ideal way for those in the jewellery trade to present and display their wares. No matter what size or type of jewellery you require jewellery box inserts for, we at GB Foam Packaging can help. We use advanced foam cutting machinery in order to create jewellery box inserts that are fit for purpose, whilst helping to protect your product.

Jewellery Box Inserts Foam

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