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GB Foam Healthcare has supplied a high-quality medical mattress range to the healthcare sector for over 40 years. We specialise in innovative medical mattress designs that help to support those in the greatest need.

Throughout our established years, we’ve worked closely with numerous healthcare representatives in both care homes and hospitals in order to fully refine our medical mattress range.

We provide healthcare organisations with affordable, high-grade pressure relief mattresses and waterproof mattresses that meet the needs of patients in care.

Whether you require a waterproof mattress or one for pressure relief, our medical mattress range is ideal. If you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for or would like to discuss our medical mattress trade contracts, be sure to contact us directly.

GB Healthcare Mission

As both the manufacturer and retailer of our medical mattress range, you’ll find that our prices are highly competitive. At GB Foam Healthcare, we don’t use third-party manufacturers. Our assurance to you is that every medical mattress we sell has been designed, created and tested within our UK factory.

From over 40 years of experience, we have learned that many nursing and care homes are not offered a comprehensive medical mattress range. In fact, most organisations are sold a “community” range of medical mattresses. These often have much lower quality specifications and lifespans when compared to NHS Grade Medical Mattresses.

Purchasing a medical mattress from GB Foam Healthcare will not only save you money it will also yield greater results.

Our overhead costs are not as extensive as many large healthcare organisations. As such, we can afford to offer our clients highly competitive trade prices on our medical mattress range.

We do this whilst still maintaining the level of quality, our customers expect. When purchasing a pressure relief or waterproof mattress from us, you’re saving money while still receiving goods with high-tier specifications.

Previously, our entire medical mattress range was only available to purchase through large healthcare organisations. Now, we’ve made it easy for customers to purchase the same quality products directly from us.

Our mission is to make medical mattresses more affordable for everybody. Whether you require one medical mattress for home care or multiple for hospitals and care homes, GB Foam Healthcare can help you.

Every product produced by GB Foam Healthcare strictly adheres to ISO 9001 specifications. With this, you can be assured that any medical mattress purchased from us is made to the highest possible manufacturing standards.

Our full medical mattress range comes with a five-year manufacturing guarantee and a two-year cover guarantee. We believe that it’s important to offer these guarantees so that you can feel assurance when buying from us.

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Nautilus Contract Mattress Production

Healthcare Nautilus Water Resistant Mattresses

Our Nautilus waterproof mattress range is ideal for patients in need of support and who are at risk of incontinence. The top cover on our Nautilus mattress acts as a waterproof mattress protector. This means that any fluid which comes into contact with a Nautilus waterproof mattress will be instantly repelled.

Preventing fluid ingress into mattresses is essential, especially throughout patient care. Not only do soiled mattresses break down at a much faster rate they also greatly increase the risk of disease and infection. Thanks to the Nautilus material, our entire waterproof mattress range can be easily wiped clean and laundered to help prevent these risks.

Nautilus Contract Fabric is a revolutionary water-resistant and breathable fabric that is popular in many commercial and contract environments. This includes University and student accommodation, nursing homes, care homes, hotels, holiday camps and much more.

The water-resistant material is located just underneath the cover meaning the patient does not sleep directly on it. This helps to provide a breathable sleeping surface that promotes restful sleep whilst still maintaining the heavy-duty waterproof mattress properties.

Our exceptional Nautilus waterproof mattress range is suitable for both home and hospital care. We have provided healthcare clients with our high-quality, waterproof mattress range for many years.

We work closely with our clients to ensure that the products they receive entirely meet their requirements. For waterproof mattress orders made in multiple quantities, be sure to contact us. We can arrange Nautilus waterproof mattress contracts at discounted trade rates.

Pressure Relief Contract Mattress Production

A pressure mattress is essential for patients exposed to extended periods of bed rest. Due to applied pressure and generated friction, patients confined to extended bed rest are at higher risk of developing pressure ulcers (bed sores).

Bed sores are an extremely problematic symptom arising from extended bed rest. They are a common occurrence found on patients in hospitals and care homes worldwide. If left untreated, bed sores can lead to much more serious and in some cases, fatal results.

Naturally, it is best to try and prevent bed sores from occurring in the first instance. Our pressure mattress range is capable of doing this. This is because a pressure mattress evenly distributes applied pressure across the entire mattress surface. This helps to promote healthy blood flow and reduce friction, in turn helping to prevent pressure ulcers from developing.

If you wish to enquire about this medical mattress range, simply contact us. We offer contracts for pressure mattress production at trade rates for high volume orders.

Healthcare Pressure Relief Mattresses

NHS Grade Waterproof Mattress Production

Healthcare Waterproof Hospital Mattresses

Our entire NHS Grade Waterproof Mattress range is perfect for use in hospitals, care homes, nursing homes and more. For those at a moderate to high risk of developing pressure ulcers, our NHS Grade Waterproof Mattress range is ideal.

Pressure on the occupant’s body is vastly relieved due to an innovative mattress foam design. Our entire NHS Grade Waterproof Mattress range features a two-way castellated cut and teardrop air pocket which effectively redistributes applied pressure.

Another extremely beneficial property of this medical mattress range is its water resistance. Our waterproof mattress covers prevent fluid from reaching the foam. This makes them much easier to clean and extends the estimated lifespan of your medical mattress.

If you’re interested in our NHS grade waterproof mattress range for a hospital, care home or nursing home, contact us today.

At GB Foam Healthcare, we’re able to offer trade contracts for those working within the healthcare industry. Your hospital, care home or nursing home can financially benefit from our reduced rates when buying in larger quantities.

Wheelchair Seat Cushions

As well as our medical mattress range, GB Foam Healthcare offers an advanced range of wheelchair seat cushions. These cushions provide support and comfort for wheelchair users.

Thanks to our highly advanced foam cutting equipment, we provide precisely cut wheelchair seat cushions suitable for all varieties of wheelchairs. Our wheelchair seating range is designed specifically to reduce pressure on an individual’s body, whilst providing exceptional support and comfort.

Our wheelchair seat cushions are made using memory foam, which is often used to provide comfort. Memory foam effectively moulds to any unique shape when pressure is applied. Our wheelchair cushions feature a two-way cut for the purpose of pressure relief and come fitted with a removable PU nylon cover.

If you wish to enquire about our range of wheelchair seat cushions, please contact us. Our team of experts are always happy to answer any questions you may have.

Medical Pressure Relief Wheel Chair Seat Cushion

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